Website Reflection

What Is the Purpose of the site?

My website was sort of a spoof on a typical dog breeder. The principle of the company was that we basically glued eyes onto rocks and sold them for low prices. In doing this we also sold the idea of a pet rock, giving all of the rocks personalities. The actual website is typical html format.

Do you like the way the final site came out?

I like the color scheme and format of the site. I have a few aesthetic problems with it, but my code works. 

If there were more time to work, what would you change or add?

If I was given more time, or if I had had an exact idea at the start, I would've changed it to a more white theme, and cleaned it up to look more professional. I would have figured out how to have a gallery that I can put a small icon of my logo over with contact information that would stay in front of the gallery. I would have also added to all of my pages. I would have created my own background tile. Lastly I would have figured out how to make a slid…

My Pet Rock Buisness

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